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KleyReX is accessible at 25 co-locations and telehouses in Frankfurt

Already the choice of location for an internet exchange like KleyReX 15 years back in 2002 had many factors to be considered. The choice of Frankfurt/Main was due to the position as center of european internet the simple part of this question.

It was essential to find an area not beeing affected by an individual carrier, but with many potential KleyReX participants on site.

As a result of this the area of Kleyerstrasse, Rebstöcker Strasse and Mainzer-Landstrasse in the western part of Frankfurt was selected. With the carrier- independend telehouses Equinix FR5 (former ancotel), telehouse (former Avaya/Tenovis), I.T.E.N.O.S and NewColo (starting 2005) we found locations with high potential, but where first Internet Exchange at all of these sites that time.
In order to give other carriers not beeing present at these telehouses a chance to easily connect to KleyReX, we extended KleyReX network in the meantime to be accessible at about 25 major co-location and telehouse facilities also in other parts of Frankfurt. Just to name some with Interet AG Datacenter, Aixit, Accelerated, Interxion FRA1-FRA12, Equinix FR1,2,4,5,6 and many more. Further extensions are planned.

If your datacenter is not KleyReX accessible yet let´s make an appointment and get this organized soon. At the moment we are restictred to Frankfurt with our plannings.

The two roads Kleyerstr. und Rebstöcker Str. became substantial component of the name KleyReX Internet Exchange.