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KleyReX is open for all kinds and sizes of network service provider. Therefore there are only some technical requirements for joining KleyReX Internet Exchange. Our basic service "100 Mbit/s BGP peering port per participant" is by the way free of cost. With this offer KleyReX will bring cost savings and better network quality also to smaller networks. Connections with larger connection bandwith are available add additional costs. Ask for conditions at info@kleyrex.net

To join KleyReX an ASN (autonomous system number) and usage of BGP routing euqipment is a large advantage but not necessarily needed to exchange ip data with other participants. We also want to offer smaller networks the opportunity to connect and speed up their network, by ip-transit, leased-line services, gain redundancy and quality for their networks.

For the pure purchase of ip-upstream from another participant, exchange of VoIP data an ASN is not required.

KleyReX helps you with an initial free of cost consulting service to plan you requirements and network plannings. Delegation of AS number, setup and maintenance of BGP routing infrastructure can be obtained through our consulting and network service portfolio or contacts we can give you.

Don´t hesitate to call us or drop an email at info@kleyrex.net