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Large potential of cost savings

Since 2002 KleyReX offers as basic service a free of cost 100 Mbit/s peering port to all ip based network carriers. Besides inhouse cabling at the telehouse you are located at there is neither membership nor port fee. Larger bandwidth are very cost effective at highest quality and lowest latency.

Ideal location

As the crossing Kleyerstrasse/Rebstöckerstrasse/Mainzer-Landstrasse there is one of europe´s largest telecommunication hubs. In the surrounding telehouses and co-location facilities various carrier, internet provider and VoIP offerer runs their network pops and technical spaces. Through cost-efficient inhouse cabling the high-speed connection to KleyReX Internet Exchange is possible uncomplicated. Also KleyReX is accessible at 25 telehouses throughout Frankfurt. For detailed information just drop an email to info@kleyrex.net.

Easy membership for all network carrier

KleyReX is not reserved for large carriers only. In fact size does not matter. KleyReX brings advantages to all sizes of network carriers.

Communication hub through easy peering services

With KleyReX all participants can easily set up manual and direct peering connections with each other. Also an automated peering service through usage of our routeserver service is included. Be flexible and cost efficient.

Marketplace for broadband services and VoIP

With just one physical connection to KleyReX you can join the KleyReX marketplace, buy and trade ip-transit/upstream, internet-access and DSL-, VoIP-, Cloud- products at no large investments on infrastructure. You can easily get backup services to your network, direct access to some of the most important Tier1 carriers via direct BGP session. Up to 7 more services can be delivered at the same KleyReX Connection. Just send us an email if you are in need of something.

Simple interconnection to KleyReX

In the selection of the connection medium the participant is variable. To become "KleyReX connected" the participant can use cost-efficient and fast inhouse cabling at its telehouse location. Also WAN connections (Remote-Peering) are possible to KleyReX if you are not located at one of the KleyReX sites. In co-operation with the telehouses and co-location facilities the inhouse cabling will be done fast and professional. Cost of inhouse cabling will be paid by the participant. Since different telehouses have different services for inhouse cabling you are welcome to give us a call to discuss different options and find best way for your connection to KleyReX.

KleyReX- stay connected