Since 2002 KleyReX® serves as innovative Internet Exchange for direct exchange of ip packets between attached participants. Due to the fact KleyReX® offers a “free 100 Mbit/s peering port per participant” it contributes substantial cost savings to all network carriers.

It refers its name from its origin location in Frankfurt/Main at the crossing of Kleyerstraße and Rebstöcker Straße.

KleyReX® stands for Kleyer-Rebstöcker-EXchange.

Particularly carrier, ISPs, ASPs, Corporates and VoIP wholesaler profit from our KleyReX® network. Connecting to KleyReX® with just one physical interconnection can help you to interconnect with all other participants at KleyReX® to exchange ip data and also gain redundancy at a very cost efficient but high level of quality. Likewise the trade with bandwith, VoIP minutes and other data transportable by ip is possible.

Technically a central peering-point is a high-end-LAN for all connected parties. KleyReX® network is a fully switched LAN connected to 15+ datacenters and telehouses in Frankfurt. The participants can connect at these locations very flexible with speeds from 100 Mbit/s up to multiple 100 Gbit/s.